Irene Nelson -  Russian singer, the author of songs and a producer. She graduated from the local musical school very successfully. On graduation at the age of 17 she left home against her parents’ will and moved to an unknown and strange town, Novosibirsk, to fulfil her dream to continue her musical education. During her study at Novosibirsk musical college she was absorbed in jazz. As a vocal singer of the group “Electro version” she recorded the album “An evening with Diana”.

The nickname “Diana” Irene chose because of the singer Diana Ross, whom Irene liked for her charming and well-known voice. In 1992 she started to perform under the nick name “Diana” having already been a soloist. In 1992 Irene left the scene and left Russia. In 2000 she founded the dance group “Reflex”, which quickly became one of the most demanded and titled groups of pop-formations on the Russian scene and won 17 national awards. In 2007 Irene Nelson left the group “Reflex” and left the scene again. In 2009 she recorded her first album in English “Sunrise”, which had an international success and reached the 35th position in the chart “Billboard Hot Dance/Club Songs”. On the 1st of February of 2012 Irene Nelson decided to combine a solo career with participating in the group “Reflex” as the main vocalist. So the legendary duet “Reflex” reunited again, and Irene Nelson became its leader. Along this the singer is preparing for the world premier of her solo album “Sun generation”, which will take place in March of 2012.

The beginning

Terioshyna Irina Anatolievna was born on the 19th of April in 1972 in a small town Barabinsk, Novosibirskiy district. The future singer was involved in the world of beautiful from the early childhood. Her first musical impressions were connected with the Ukrainian songs sung by her granny, her mother, who had beautiful timbre of voice and liked to sing romances and ethnical songs when the guests came to their house. From a teacher in musical school she inherited love for Scandinavian motives and classical music. Ira quickly won the first popularity among her friends and school acquaintances, performing at home and in the school ensemble the popular western hits among which the songs of the group Abba were her favorite songs.

After the 10th form Nelson entered musical college in Novosibirsk where she continued her study as a piano teacher. The attendance of concerts of academic music and opera theaters was on the obligatory program. Due to that Irene knew polyphony, difficult rates, harmonies and structural forms from the early years very well. She managed to be informed about modern musical tendencies in spite of the geographical remoteness from the capital of the country. Irene’s voice and artistic qualities impressed the director of the jazz orchestra, who immediately invited her to be a soloist of the group. Later the popularity of the big-band reached new frontiers. The orchestra took part in different concerts and won a lot of awards at the Soviet festivals. Irene in her turn got a big experience performing the popular jazz compositions of Gershvin, Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and also popular blues and spirituals.

At this period Irene listened to opera music in the performance of her favorite singers Maria Callas and Joanne Sutherland, she was fascinated by rock and art-rock music and in her audio library appeared such groups as King Crimon, Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and many others. Inspired by rock-classics Irene gathered the ensemble where she performed her own songs. Then she wrote the compositions “The Winner” and “When Apples Fall to the Sky”, to which she will return while working at her soft-rock material.


During her study at the musical college and going on a tour with her jazz-band over the Soviet Union territory, Irene Nelson got the offer to cooperate with the musical producer Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Tyurin, together with whom she started to work at the project “Diana”. Irene chose the nick name due to the popular singer Diana Ross whom Irene liked for her charming and well-known voice. The project “Diana” had a great success, because of the memorable timbre of voice, texts of songs understandable for people and the bright disgraceful character of the singer. In 1993-1997 she recorded 6 successful records, millions of which were sold, the album of remixes and the collection “The Best of Diana”, and having done the tour Irene stopped her solo career and went to Germany with Vyacheslav.


In Germany the idea of creating a new project “Reflex” was born. In 2000 the first single “The long light” headed the “Euro hit Top 40” radio “Europe +”. In 2000 the group won the award “Musical Podium for “The most popular achievements in the sphere of music”.

During her work in the group it won such awards as national prize “Ovation” (the song (I lose my mind in 2001) 2 radio awards “100% hit (the song “The stars were falling”), 2 titles “The bomb of the year” for the most popular group among the youth, 3 national awards “Golden Gramophone” (for the song “I lose my mind”) the award named by Popov in the radio sphere as the most rotated group on the radio stations of Russia, 2 awards of the biggest Russian newspaper “MK” – “ZD Awards” in the nomination “The best dance project” and a lot of others.

In 2002 Irene Nelson and Vyacheslav Tyurin started their own record company “Reflex music”

At the beginning of the year 2007 Irene Nelson got into top 100 most beautiful women of the Universe (the version of the magazine FHM). During the period of work in the group “Reflex” Irene and Vyacheslav recorded the hit “I lose my mind”, which was in the top hit parades during some months. In 2002 the creative duet started the record company “Reflex music” in which 2 years after Paul van Dyk recorded his Russian release of his album “Reflexion”. At the beginning of 2007 according to the results of the survey held by the weekly “7 days” and “Gallop Media” “Reflex” was recognized as the most demanded group in more than 20 million Russian people, took the 3d place in the rating from 50 groups of Russia and the 10th place from the presented artists of the country (100 artists). During the ceremony “Golden Gramophone” on the stage of Kremlin Palace of Assembly Irene announced that she was going to leave the group “Reflex”, explaining her decision in such a way: it became too “tight” for her in the pop-group.

On the 1st of February in 2012 Irene Nelson made a decision to combine the solo career with participating in the group “Reflex’ as its main vocal singer. So the legendary duet “Reflex” reunited again and Irene became its soloist.

Solo career

In 2007 Irene Nelson took time out and went to work to the International recording studio in Dubai, which was headed by the musician and composer Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Tyurin. In this year according to the survey held by the weekly “7 days” and “Gallop Media” “Reflex” was recognized as the most demanded group in more than 20 million Russian people, took the 3d place in the rating from 50 groups of Russia and the 10th place from the presented artists of the country (100 artists).

Leaving the group “Reflex” was a planned and realized decision, as she felt a great potential for new sounds, new lyrics and new embodiment.

Irene filled informational gaps listening to English and American songs – Coldplay, Alanis Morisot, Ian Brown, Chris Cornell, James Blunt, Jim Morrison and others. To record new material of Nelson – Tyurin chose the legendary studio “Air’ in London, belonging to the producer of The Beatles George Martin. London and the personnel of the studio became one more positive and encouraging shock.

“At this studio we found the atmosphere and the conditions for never endless creativity, – said the composer Vyacheslav Tyurin, – but no techniques will replace the human being. People working at “Air” – are the real masters of their work”.

The team of professionals working at the recording of the songs headed by Vyacheslav. With the creation of this material Steve Orchard, a famous composer, helped him. Steve Orchard cooperated with U2, Paul McCartney, Sting, George Michael, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Dido and other artists. Steve is also a sound producer of Sting’s song to the film “Sabrina”, which was nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe, and the possessor of Grammy for the album of Bella Flex “Perpetual Motion”. The musician and composer Vyacheslav Tyurin had to work with the unique techniques: the biggest shock was the panel Neve, one of the three in the world, made on a special order of George Martin. And in the song “Escape” the party of organ was played by Hammond in 1962, with the help of which Peter Gabriel and the musicians of U2 recorded their songs.

The aspiration for perfectness led Irene on the vocal training with Terry Ronald, who helped with the pronunciation and vocal of Kylie and Danny Minogue, Girls Aloud, Atomic Kitten and other artists.

The song “Sunrise” for the clip was chosen not by chance: in the English version of the song are such lines: “Someone set our wings on fire but we revive from the fire…” This metaphor made the associations with the bird Phoenix which was like the character of Irene who came back to the stage for her solo career, which was a new embodiment, new scenic birth, new dawn, what symbolizes the cyclic of life.

Irene told this idea to the producer Nicolas Fronda, famous for his work with the group Rasmus at the song “In the shadows”, who for the creation of the picture of non-existing world of the singer who sang about exultated love, offered to use strict, fairy landscapes of Island.

In 2008 Irene Nelson gave her first solo concert in the club “Orange” after her creative time out. Irene appeared on the scene as a new character, performing some of compositions in the style of soft-rock, which were written together with Vyacheslav Tyurin during their work at the studio in Dubai. This concert became the beginning of the new stage in the creative life of Irene Nelson as a solo singer. In 2009 Irene and Vyacheslav founded their own label NTMG and signed a contract with the biggest company of music industry Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Video to the song “Sunrise” has more than one million overview throughout the world.

MTV/Logo adds the video of the debut single of Irene Nelson “Sunrise” on the air of the popular TV show “NEW NOW NEXT”. Such editions as “Laughing Lindsay”, “Glam” publish the material about the popular singer. The company “Velvet Angel” makes Irene Nelson the new character for the advertisement of their new collection “autumn – winter 2009”.

The debut single of Irene Nelson “Sunrise” appeared in June of the year 2009. Some months later at the beginning of 2010 in musical on-line shop iTunes Store the new single of Irene Nelson appeared “New York Remixes”. Remixes to the song “Sunrise” made world known DJs: Jason Nevins, Chew Fu and Fonzerelli, who worked with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Katy Perry, Britney Spears andf Timbaland.

And in June of the same year together with the famous producer and composer Gary Miller Vyacheslav Tyurin started the work at the debut album of Irene “Sun Generation”.

In summer 2011 in California by the founded by Vyacheslav Tyurin American producers company VT Production of the clip to the song “The Warm Sun” from the album of Irene Nelson “Sun Generation” was shot. The shooting was held on the picturesque rancho in Californian town Lancaster. The premier of the clip in Russia was on the 27th of August in 2011.

In December of 2011 in Russian rolling appeared the film “My boyfriend is an angel”. All the music to the film was created by the American company Gary Miller Production, headed by the famous composer and producer Gary Miller. The cooperation of the founders of the Group “Reflex” Irene Nelson and Vyacheslav Tyurin with Gary Miller who earlier worked with such stars as George Michael, Kylie Minogue and Elton John, began, as it is known, in California during the work at the album of Irene “Sun Generation”.

In March of 2012 in the USA the official release of the debut solo album of Irene Nelson was taking place.


Irene Nelson is the professional teacher of Kundalini yoga. She has the diploma of the International sample, which she got having received the special training in Kundalini Research Institute in Los Angeles. The desire of popularization of the principles of loving for people and self-realization in the healthy society with the help of yoga led her to the meeting the senator of the State of California Barbara Boxer, who shared the same views. Then the communication with the representatives of political elite of the USA began, the top of which was the receiving of the memorable medal to Irene on her birthday personally from Barak Obama according to the results of the meeting dedicated to the pre-election company of the senator where the president of the USA made a speech and Irene Nelson was present as an invited guest. Irene has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. She is the supporter of veganstvo, the most logical form of vegetarianism. She eats only fruit, beans and milk. In future she dreams to open her own yoga studio