Irene Nelson and REFLEX are presented
in 5 categories of OE Video Music Awards!

Irene Nelson and REFLEX are represented in five categories of the prestigious music awards OE Video Music Awards (OEVMA)(more…)

Irene Nelson: “Yoga is the path to myself”

Irene Nelson gave a master class in yoga and gave details about the technique of performing some asanas specially for the “Otdohni” magazine


Irene Nelson: “Barack Obama has made me a birthday gift”

Interview with Irene Nelson for the newspaper “Telenedelya”


Irene Nelson’s album “Sun Generation” can now be purchased in Russia through the iTunes Store

An epic event has happened! iTunes Russia has opened, which means that now we can buy Irene Nelson’s album “Sun Generation” completely legal! Purchasing music from iTunes Store Russia, you can now be assured of the quality of the original product! The Sun generation chooses legal music!

Irene Nelson and REFLEX made a full house performance

Irene Nelson and REFLEX concert as a part of the “Condensed Milk” project took place at the Moscow club “MILK” December 1. The show began with Irene Nelson singing her famous song “Dawn” from her solo album “The Warm Sun.” After that the audience could hear the beloved immortal hits in the new arrangements and the 2012 hit “I’ll Be Your Sky”

Results of an international video competition for the “Sunrise” video

So it is time to sum up the international competition of Irene Nelson and the REFLEXMUSIC company!

The condition of the video contest was to record a video in which you perform Irene Nelson’s song “Sunrise”

We have received a very large number of videos from different countries and cities. Many thanks to all the authors for their work, for their creativity and participation in our contest! It is a pity that not all of you put actual existing email addresses which made it impossible to contact with you. We ask the participants of next competitions to quote your real contacts for feedback in the future! And now, let’s congratulate our winners! So, ALEANDR became the overall winner of the contest! He shot a great video and made a great performance of Irene Nelson’s composition “Sunrise”!

The other winner of the contest is Krasimir Nikolov (STAMBINI) from Bulgaria as the first to have sent us the work.

The victory is also awarded to KATE for a sensual piano version of the song “Dawn”

Congratulations to all the winners!

We wish you great inspiration and irrepressible desire to reach the incredible heights in your own work, to bring beauty, art and love into the world! And, of course, good luck along your way!

All the winners have already received previously announced prizes: iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano, and the copies of the “Warm Sun” CD autographed by Irene Nelson!

Krassimir Nikolov has recorded a video message to Irene Nelson and all of her fans

Irene Nelson in the “Moscow Global” project

Irene Nelson became a member of the Moscow Global project, in which the director Alexander Golovanov and the blogger Michael Kafanov decided to look into the causes of the Russian emigration. According to the authors, the project must provide an answer to the question why people leave Moscow


“I’ll Be Your Sky” is among the most popular ringtones

MTS cell phone company’s ringtone, which is based on the composition of REFLEX “I’ll Be Your Sky” has been firmly holding the second place among dozens of the most popular ringtones for several weeks!

Interview with Irene Nelson and REFLEX in the “Paradox” magazine

Irene Nelson and Alyona Torganova told the correspondent of “Paradox” about inspiring goose bumps and planetary love.

“Reflex” group on inspiring goose bumps and planetary love 

The songs of this group make hearts of it’s fans beat faster for over 13 years. Incendiary dancing and lyrical, they carry away (just as the title of the most legendary hit), awaken brightest emotions, inspire, heal loneliness and carry away into heavens to falling stars. In addition to the musical achievements (a collection of “Golden Gramophone” awards and cooperation with european DJ’s), the audience appreciates the exquisite charm of the soloists of the golden “Reflex” line-up. The group leader and soloist Irene Nelson and backing vocalist Alyona Torganova are beauties who pay a lot of attention to spiritual practices and the search of perfection. Sergei Kuznetsov was able to find out some  creativity and harmony secrets from the girls who conquered the editors of our magazine with the depth of their thoughts


Irene Nelson and REFLEX on RU.TV

October 26, 2012 Irene Nelson and Alyona Torganova became guests of “The Table of Orders” on RU.TV channel

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