Interview with Irene Nelson and REFLEX in the “Paradox” magazine

Irene Nelson and Alyona Torganova told the correspondent of “Paradox” about inspiring goose bumps and planetary love.

“Reflex” group on inspiring goose bumps and planetary love 

The songs of this group make hearts of it’s fans beat faster for over 13 years. Incendiary dancing and lyrical, they carry away (just as the title of the most legendary hit), awaken brightest emotions, inspire, heal loneliness and carry away into heavens to falling stars. In addition to the musical achievements (a collection of “Golden Gramophone” awards and cooperation with european DJ’s), the audience appreciates the exquisite charm of the soloists of the golden “Reflex” line-up. The group leader and soloist Irene Nelson and backing vocalist Alyona Torganova are beauties who pay a lot of attention to spiritual practices and the search of perfection. Sergei Kuznetsov was able to find out some  creativity and harmony secrets from the girls who conquered the editors of our magazine with the depth of their thoughts

- What is the basic “reflex of life” and “paradox of life” for you?

Irene Nelson:

- “Reflex of life” is that whether we want it or not, we reflex the content of our inner world in our outer life. A “paradox of life” is that, unfortunately, very few people realize this fact. And most people look for the source of their happiness or their failures outwardly. Bu it is the world of our thoughts that forms our external reality and is fully reflected in it.

- Your work on stage is related to the creative talent and the ability to give inspiration to  fans. What is talent, and who or what gives you inspiration?

Irene Nelson:

- I’m sure that there is talent for everyone. It is clearly evident from the very birth for some people, while others have to develop it over a lifetime. And I want to note that our Russian people are very talented. And we have an incredible amount of creatively talented people. The main thing is not to bury your talent in the daily routine, not to sacrifice it to boring everydayness mistaken for stability. I mean the case when a potentially great artist is stuck for life drawing cartoons in a yellow press editorial for small stable earnings.

Implementing your own talent is sure to bring joy and happiness. Availability of inspiration during the creative process is a vivid sign that you’re on the right way and are uncovering your talent. Inspiration is the requirement and essence of everything that is done well, created by inspiration of nature and higher divine forces. Inspiration can not be confused with anything when it comes, you can only get devoted to it and start to create. I have a special criterion for evaluating creativity. When I write a song with real inspiration and then listen to it, I get goose bumps going through my whole body. This is a sure sign that the song is written in a moment of inspiration and it will inspire listeners in the same way.

- A concert of “Reflex” is always a celebration. To your mind, what does it mean for an average Russian? What is the celebration for you soul?

Irene Nelson:

- A celebration is always an elevated sense, it is often the anticipation of something pleasant, unusual and exciting. The celebration in the mentality of Russian people is associated with the expectation of a miracle in the New Year’s Eve or a special day for a particular person, his or her birthday. And we project this anticipation of a miracle and dreams to all other events in our lives. Going to the concerts of a favorite artist is also a celebration. We expect to hear, see and feel something special during the show. And the artist bears a great responsibility not to spoil the celebration for many people who came to the show. On the other hand, going on stage to fans is also a huge feast for an artist, wholly belonging to his own creativity and art in general, and it is imbued with expectation of sharing positive emotions. Generally there are lots of holidays. Different people have different relation and ways of celebrating them. The main thing is that the celebration should bring the fulfillment of dreams and give positive energy, at least partially.

- How do you keep tenderness, confidence and inner harmony?

Irene Nelson:

- These are very important properties. They are needed in life and on stage. People who come to a concert are always very sensitive to the emotional state of the artist. And in addition to his regular duty of an excellent performance, his task is also to convey positive emotions to the hall, to share love with his listeners. And tenderness, confidence and inner harmony are the qualities that you need to share with the others. Tenderness can be attained by realizing your feminine. Confidence comes when you know that you worked on yourself honestly and diligently, both personally and professionally. And internal harmony is a great achievement for everyone who has found it. And until it is achieved, it should be strived for, because inner harmony is a synonym to happiness.

- How to preserve the purity of the soul? What are your spiritual ideals?

Alyona Torganova:

- For some people, the spiritual ideal can be the achievement of happiness, for other it is the path to happiness. For me personally, the spiritual ideal is to realize my place in life, to fulfill my destiny. In any case, the realization of the spiritual ideal elevates us above the routine and gives us a boost to development. As for the purity of the soul, I believe it can be done, if not to involve yourself into huge streams of negativity, which are now pouring out of all kinds of media. You should not react and respond to groundless anger and hatred that can trouble your inner world and provoke aggressive responses, even if these negative things do not have anything to do with you. It is always important to be a personality and give the world universal happiness and love.

- The main theme of this issue is “Let Off Steam”. How do you relax? What are your recipes of tranquility?

Irene Nelson:

- According to yogic teachings, there are three states of consciousness or material nature quality – rajas, tamas and sattva. When a man is inherent to the tamasic state of mind, he is inert, passive and is missing taste for life. A person is excited, active, influenced by the passions and emotions when rajas prevails. Sattva is the state of goodness, harmony and tranquility. To achieve this tranquility, it is necessary to take a serious path of cultivation. It is a long and laborious work on yourself and your ego. But later you will feel that the efforts were not in vain. When you are in the sattvic state, it is not necessary “to let off steam”, there is simply no need to it. Nothing and no one can get you out of balance. Sattva brings tranquility, wisdom and happiness.


- What kind of psychological directions affect your life?

Irene Nelson:

- I have been long practicing yoga, and this is not a trivial set of gymnastic exercises, as is still widely believed, but a whole system of philosophy, a set of various spiritual, mental and physical practices. And at the heart of yoga rests a set of moral rules. After all, yoga is meant to work tirelessly on your own body as well as on your mind.

So it is necessary to begin practicing with first stage where one realizes the spiritual, moral and ethical principles of life. Without their understanding it is simply dangerous to try to seriously penetrate into the depths of yoga. It is fraught with certain deformation at the level of consciousness. Here, the first stage of yoga introduces us to the most important commandments that represent a kind of universal values that are out of time, they are the same for all people. They are simple and eliminate lies, violence and murder. I construct my mental attitude according to these principles.

- What is the psychotherapeutic effect of art?

Irene Nelson:

- I believe that music as one of the finest and most beautiful kinds of art has an incredible strength and power of a psychotherapeutic effect. The fact that musical therapy, as far as I know, is the official psychotherapeutic method, is a perfect proof. After all, music is able to evoke the most delicate feelings and emotions. It has powers to transform human nature. No accident that only selected few people were familiar with the divine music theory in the ancient times. A lot of attention to the impact of sound on the human body and its psychic and emotional state is given in yoga. Meditation music can quickly calm the mind and set the desired mood. I certainly mean the quality talented music leading to the harmony of mind and soul, not destructive audio junk that is nowadays given to people under the guise of a modern fashionable hit.

Alyona Torganova:

- As a person directly related to dancing, I can say that it is also a great way to achieve a harmonious physical and mental health and self-expression. Of course, dancing is inextricably linked to music, so when a person moves in a dance to the sound of the “right” melody, the therapeutic effect is magnified. Generally, art therapy is a wonderful invention of human civilization, it is so natural and effective.

- Your songs are about love. Do you think that love changes over time, or this feeling is a constant and was the same in the Middle Ages and in modern times, both in childhood and in maturity?

Irene Nelson:

- Love is an integral part of the human soul. It can not fail to be. But sometimes it is in “sleep mode”, sometimes it is disclosed to the planetary scale. Love can be directed to different people who have different attitude to us. But the expression of this wonderful feeling in our lives is a miracle. The power of love and its orientation have an infinite number of gradations. It is important to cultivate this feeling in our souls, expand it’s greatest potential. Love makes us better, it is the force that gives rise to all the relations, it is a condition for the existence of our civilization. And of course, being the musicians, we embody this feeling in our music. Our songs are about love, but the songs themselves are love. I just expressed love in it’s broadest meaning from personal feelings of love to a person to love to humanity in general in music and lyrics of my solo album “The Warm Sun”.

- Please, tell us a case from your life that gave you the brightest impressions!

Irene Nelson:

- I had a lot of bright experiences because the musician’s life is usually very rich. One of such memorable events was meeting with Barack Obama in Los Angeles. It happened April 19, just on my birthday. I have a very beautiful ballad called “When Apples Fall To The Sky”. By the way, at its creation I was inspired by the famous book of Vadim Zeland “Reality Transurfing. When Apples Fall To The Sky”. I wrote him a letter asking to allow me to use the title of his book in the lyrics of the song, and he gave the nod. It is a composition about understanding the world at all levels of human society, and love without boundaries. And at the time when I lived and worked in the U.S., I was able to meet with Senator of California Barbara Boxer, who, like myself, supports yogic movement.

I showed her the song and she was very touched. Thanks to Barbara, I was a guest of Danny De Vito. It was an unforgettable evening at the house of handsome and talented actor and a very positive person. And then the senator invited me to a unique event. It was a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, who visited California during the event “Victory 2010″. I was able to talk a little with Obama during this meeting. The next day I was given a gift from him. It was a crystal hemisphere framed in sterling silver. Inside the sphere there was an engraved inscription “April 19, 2010″ and the image of the White House. They say that only about 40 of such hemispheres were made. And I am very pleased that I am the owner of one of them.

Interviewed by Sergey Kuznetsov