“SUN GENERATION” press release

On the 20th of March a world release of a solo album of the Russian singer IreneIrene Nelson – «Sun Generation» started in the USA. The album was released both in a digital format and on compact discs. In 2010, the first single from this album – «Sunrise» reached the 35th position of the most prestigious American musical chart Billboard. And the videoclip which has been shot based on this composition held leading positions by number of overviews of musical clips on the site YouTube of Sweden, India, Italy, the Czech Republic, Israel, the USA and Russia within several weeks.

You can buy Irene’s  ”Sun Generation” on  iTunes and amazon.

Certainly, Irene is known to the wide audience as a soloist of the popular Russian pop group REFLEX. During its eleven-year history the group REFLEX won 17 national musical awards. It was admitted as the best pop group on the Russian scene. Irene started to record songs for a solo album after having made the decision to leave the group REFLEX at the top of its popularity. She decided to leave the group just because she had understood that she could realized her huge creative potential in Soft Rock which she loved a lot.

And especially this style allowed Irene Nelson to open her talents of a vocalist, composer and author of texts to the full extent. To record this album, Irene’s constant musical producer – Vyacheslav Tyurin chose the studio “Air” in London, which belonged to the producer of the legendary “The Beatles” George Martin.

«We found the atmosphere and conditions in this studio for unlimited creativity – the composer Vyacheslav Tyurin tells – but no equipment can replace a person. The people who work at «Air» are real masters of their business»

Vyacheslav headed a team of professionals working on a recording of songs. A well-known sound engineer Steve Orchard, who cooperated with U2, Paul McCartney, Sting, George Michael, Coldplay, Peter Gebriel, Dido and other actors, helped with the creation of this material. After a recording period in London, Steve Orchard came to Moscow where he together with Vyacheslav Tyurin recorded other tracks for a future album at Mosfilm studio. But even after that Vyacheslav didn’t feel that the work was completed, so Irene and Vyacheslav moved to America, to the world center of musical industry and show business – Los Angeles. It was there, that the musicians realized the significance of their material, and completely changed its sounding.

The same year, in America their debut single “Sunrise” reached the 35th place in the chart Billboard and was admitted by a number of leading musical editions. It was highly valued both by professionals and music fans.” Sunrise” took the third place among the most added tracks according to the results of radiocharts of America – FMQB. Also the single of remixes on this song took the 6th place in ten charts of the American DJ Magazine. In April and May, 2010 “Sunrise” of Irene Nelson became the leading musical topic sounding in the largest American network of cinemas “Landmark”. Some months later after the release of a debut single of Irene “Sunrise”, a new single of the singer “New York remixes” appeared in the musical online shop iTunes. Remixes on the song Sunrise were made by world famous DJs Jason NevinsIrene, Chew Fu and Fonzerelli who worked with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Timbaland. Since 2011, a well-known British-American producer and composer Gary Miller (Gary Miller), known for his work with George Michael and David Bowie, began to work on final mixes of an album together with Vyacheslav Tyurin. The same year Irene became a face of the American TV channel Euro Channel, having been short in a promo-roller which was spread over 25 countries with more than 25-million audience. Irene Nelson’s partner in this roller was a famous French DJ David Getta and the owner of an award Grammy – a singer Laura Pausini.

The album “Sun Generation” is cosmopolitan quality music with sounding and the sense which is actual in all the continents. It is possible to find in these songs both: feelings of a person who is in love, and eternal issues of universal values.

In the main composition of the album “Sun Generation” Irene sings about the belief in children of a new generation – light, pure and open. In the song “Is it a good day” the singer sets listeners thinking of a moral part of the victory in a war and about the price of this victory. She doesn’t know how to call the soldiers who have won the battle – winners or murderers. The composition “Head of the game” gives everyone an opportunity to think over if our irrepressible aspirations to be always the first are justified. In the song “Don’t give up” Irene sings about a hard fate of sporstmen-idols and devotes this track to football players of the Russian national football team. In the song “Escape” the part of organ was played at Hammond in 62nd year with the help of which the songs of Peter Gabriel and musicians of U2 were recorded. Interesting events are connected with the ballad “When Apples Fall to the Sky” which reminds of John Lennon’s Image. Irene presented a disc with this song to the senator of California – Barbara Boxer who, after listening to the single, invited the Russian singer to a meeting with the U.S. President – Barack Obama. And the President of America presented a crystal hemisphere with a memorable inscription to Irene Nelson.

Everyone will find something actual and close to himself or herself in Irene Nelson’s album «Sun Generation» and will be able to enjoy beautiful lyrics; powerful, sounding from musical producers with the world’s name and Irene’s penetrating vocal.