Recording company NTMG (Nelson Tyurin Music Group) was founded in 2009 by a producer and composer Vyacheslav Tyurin and a singer and author of the lyrics and music Irina Nelson.

   The company is the analogue of an American Records company Reflex Music. The purpose of its founding is the realization of musical projects on the territory of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

An official cooperation with world-known labels Universal Music Group Distribution and Bungalow Records allows the NTMG company to put into practice musical products of their clients in the countries of North America. And this is done according to the highest standards of the world show-business.

A fantastically successful world-wide background of the founders of NTMG is the ground for an irreproachable reputation and work of the company.

So, in 1999 Vyacheslav Tyurin and Irina Nelson founded the group Reflex, which during long period of time became the leader of Russian pop-music and during its 2-year old existence earned 17 national awards, and a lot of other awards of national and professional recognition of their creativity. The most significant rewards are: the national award for Vyacheslav Tyurin as the best Russian composer, two radio awards ”Stopudovyj hit”, two titles of “Bomb of the year” for the music group “Reflex”, as one of the most popular groups among the youth, three national statues “Golden Gramophone”, the “Popov’s award in the sphere of broadcasting” for the group “Reflex” as one of the most broadcasted groups of Russian radio stations, two awards of the newspaper published in big editions in Russia “MK” – “ZD Awards” for the group “Reflex”, in the nomination “The best dancing project”.

The today’s popularity came to the group just after releasing the single “I lose my mind” in 2001, which reached the top of the leading musical charts of Russia and CIC (Community of Independent Countries) in a week and was there for a long time.

In 2003 Vyacheslav and Irina founded Records company Reflex music, which realized the big projects in the sphere of show business. On the basis of a new label the work on the next album began, the compositions from which didn’t leave the rotation of the FM-stations.

In 2003 the group “Reflex” appeared on the international musical stage, representing Russia at the musical festival “Pop Komm”, which was held in the German city Koln. It was here where the vocal abilities of Irina Nelson were noticed and highly valued by the guru of all European dancepols Paul Van Dyk, who offered Vyacheslav and Irina to cooperate.

Van Dyk gave the company Reflex music the rights to make their album “Reflections” in Russia. Reflex Music began to cooperate successfully with a cult London label Ministry of sound and worked a lot with the musicians from the West Europe.

Very quickly Reflex Music became a successful label and cooperated with such musicians as German hit-maker DJ Bobo, The Bhangra Knights Project, “System in Blue”, DJ Freza, DJ Voodoo.

Together with DJ Bobo the group “Reflex” records the combined track “The way to your heart”. And the English version of the song “Сойти с ума” – “I lose my mind” conquered the European public.

In spring the group signed a contract with the German company Bablespack and the company Sony music concerning the releasing of the new single of “Reflex” “I can’t live without you”. The disk appeared on sale in all biggest shops of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It reached the 11th place in the chart of video clips of a famous TV channel VIVA and the 4th place in the charts of German selling.

At the end of 2005 the album “Pulse” appeared, in the main composition of which was the hit “Dances”, which came through an interesting situation: the song won two awards of the Golden Gramophone at once. In 2006 Vyacheslav Tyurin was awarded with a diploma of Russian Federation “For professionalism and business reputation” of the 3d degree for the high professionalism and the big personal contribution to the development of popular music. The soloist of the group Reflex was awarded with the medal “For professionalism and business reputation”.

At the beginning of 2007 according to the rating of the company Gallop Media the group Reflex took the 3d place in the rating of 50 possible groups in Russia and the 10th place in the rating of all presented artists of the country. In the survey took part more than 30000000 people.

In January 2007 Irina Nelson left the group “Reflex” just at the top of its popularity to begin a solo career. Vyacheslav and Irina moved to Dubai where the famous Russian producer was invited by the cultural department of UAE to head a super modern, many sided new musical studio, which was oriented on recording Near East and European rock and pop music and for making soundtracks to all the films of different countries of the world.
In 2008 after 2 years of work in the studio of Dubai where the material for a solo album of Irina Nelson began to be created in the style of soft rock, the founders of NTMG left for London. At the popular station AIR together with the famous sound engineer Steve Orchard they recorded the debut album of Irina “Sunrise”.

A video clip “Sunrise” in a short period of time took more than 1000000 overview in YouTube and kept the leading positions for some weeks according to the amount of viewings in different countries of the world. The soundtrack “Sunrise” quickly reached the 35th position in the most prestigious musical chart of our planet – American Billboard.

Soon Irina’s single “New York Remixes” appeared. Remixes to the song “Sunrise” were made by the most popular DJs of the world such as Jason Nevins, Chew Fu and Fonzerelli, who were working with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Timberland.

At the beginning of 2009 Vyacheslav and Irina founded the records company NTMG.
In June of the same year together with the famous producer and composer Gary Miller Vyacheslav Tyurin began to work at the debut album of Irina “Sun Generation”.

Simultaneously with this event the company NTMG signed a contract with Michael Levine, (LCO) a famous specialist who worked at promotion of such brands in musical industry as Michael Jackson, Prince, group Kiss and a lot of others.

In 2011 Vyacheslav Tyurin founded a video production company VT Production in Los Angeles. The company has a unique conception, grounded specially for artists so its service is used by both American and Russian musicians. The company offers to choose 3 categories of filming: Silver, Gold and Platinum with the corresponding variety of options, plus on shooting the video the unique equipment is used and the most progressive technologies are used. The possibilities for making the quality video materials by the company VT Production corresponds to the demands of any artist of different levels: from the beginning musicians to the stars of the first magnitude.

The beginning of the first release of the solo album of Irina Nelson “Sun Generation” is going to get started in March of 2012, when the disc will appear on sale in American Musical shops. So NTMG is beginning to be the first Russian company which realizes its product on the American market, both in digital aspects and physical aspects, CDs.