Irene Nelson – Warm Sun

“Warm Sun” music video

Pink introduces Irene’s music video – Sunrise

Pink introduces Irene Nelson music video – Sunrise at Fuse TV in the USA

Live version When Apples Fall To The Sky – Concert

Live version of song When Apples Fall To The Sky

Irene Nelson at Miss India Awards

Los Angeles, august 2010

Eurоchannel movie about Irene Nelson

Irene became a face of the American TV channel Euro Channel, having been short in a promo-roller which was spread over 25 countries with more than 25-million audience. Irene Nelson’s partner in this roller was a famous French DJ David Getta and the owner of an award Grammy – a singer Laura Pausini

Irene Nelson – Sunrise

The song “Sunrise” for the clip was chosen not by chance: in the English version of the song are such lines: “Someone set our wings on fire but we revive from the fire…” This metaphor made the associations with the bird Phoenix which was like the character of Irene who came back to the stage for her solo career, which was a new embodiment, new scenic birth, new dawn, what symbolizes the cyclic of life